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Into the Storm: June 20, 2021

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Strongest: 11th Sunday OT

How strong is your faith right now? How's that for an icebreaker, right? But I’m really asking. How’s your faith life? That’s a big question you could think and pray about all month, so for now I’m asking you to just notice your first gut reaction. How’s your faith life, what’s your first gut reaction? But believe it or not, important as that question is, it’s only a lead-in to the question I really want to focus on, which is: how do you know? Saul of Tarsus knew a lot more than most of us. He had a top-tier education with the great Rabbi Gamaliel. He knew the Scriptures inside and out. He was steeped in the wisdom and traditions of generations of his people. He knew in his deepest guts that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was the one, true, and living God, and that every other worship is idolatry. And he absolutely knew that this executed criminal, this Jesus of Nazareth, was a blasphemer and that his cult was a growing threat to the true religion of Israel. Precious childre

Corpus Christi, June 6th, 2021