Gloria in Excelsis: Feast of the Holy Family

Benedictus: Christmas 2013

A Wish Right Now: 4th Sunday Advent

Joy Is Not Far Away: 3rd Sunday of Advent

No Humbugs Please: 1st Sunday of Advent

A Thanksgiving Big Enough

Kennedy, Lewis, and Kingship: The Feast of Christ the King

The Moment of Searing Perspective: 33rd Sunday OT

Religious Extremism?: 32nd Sunday OT

Seeing the Good: 31st Sunday OT

Pride and Humility: 30th Sunday OT

Happy 1st Birthday, Parish! 29OT

Being the Grateful One: 28th Sunday OT

The Rich Man and Lazarus: 26th Sunday OT

Seeing It Through: 23rd Sunday OT

Why You Should Be Kind To Jerks: 22OT

Raise your weary arms, steady your trembling knees: 21st Sunday OT

The Halftime Speech of the New Testament: 20th Sunday OT

A Leap of Faith: 19th Sunday OT

The Better Part. 16th Sunday OT.

Atheists Can Be Saved! Breaking News From 33AD! 15th Sunday OT.

12th Sunday in OT: Who do you say that I am?

10th Sunday in OT: Memento Mori

The Feast of the Holy Trinity

Pentecost 2013

Why isn't this the saddest moment in history? -- Ascension 2013

What happens after you die? Many (most?) Catholics get it wrong. 6th Sunday of Easter 2013.

Sacramentality, Lavish Worship, and the Transforming Power of Beauty

Night Fishing and Breakfast on the Beach: 3rd Sunday of Easter, 2013

Divine Mercy Sunday, 2013

Easter 2013

Holy Thursday 2013

Justice or Mercy: Why Guinevere has to die. 5th Sunday Lent, 2013

Of Saltwater, Samaritans, and Satisfaction. 3rd Sunday in Lent, 2013

Transfiguration: 2nd Sunday in Lent

Temptations of Christ: 1st Sunday in Lent

Duc in Altum: 5th Sunday OT

Why I Can't Stand Romeo.

Homily: 3rd Sunday OT, Jan 27 2013

Homily: 2nd Sunday OT, 40th ann. of Roe vs. Wade

Homily: Baptism of the Lord, Jan 2013

Homily: Epiphany, January 6, 2013