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Francis and Families: 27th Sunday OT

I went to a funeral Friday to pray with a friend whose grandfather has died, and she said a few words about him. One thing that really stuck with me was when she spoke of her admiration of him, as a little girl and throughout life, the way he could work on things and tinker and fix them. She spoke of this as actually being a really important life lesson: that when things get broken, we fix them. We don’t just throw them away. And that lesson about material things carried over, she said, to their family, and it was an even more important lesson when it came to family relationships. When things get broken, we don’t throw them away. We fix them. When Pope Francis came to our country, he had an impressive schedule. The White House, Congress, the United Nations. But when he spoke of the primary reason for his visit, it wasn’t those things. It was the family. And he originally scheduled his visit to attend the World Meeting of Families. The White House and Congress and United Nations wer