The Hopes and Fears of All the Years: Christmas 2014

Your Lord and Savior: Christ the King

Not for the Faint of Heart: 33rd Sunday OT

Worth Living.

Two Cheers for Civility: 29th Sunday OT

Who Desires Entry? 28th Sunday OT

The Vineyard Trilogy: 27th Sunday OT

Actions Speak Louder: 26th Sunday OT

Ready But Not Rushed: 25th Sunday OT

The Image of the Wound: Exaltation of the Cross

Sharpening Each Other: 23rd Sunday OT

Getting Behind Him: 22nd Sunday OT

Without Fail: 21st Sunday OT

The Rabbi and the Pagan: 20th Sunday OT

Priceless: 18th Sunday OT

One Thing: 17th Sunday OT

Wheat and Weeds: 16th Sunday OT

Getting Through? 15th Sunday OT

Flesh and Spirit: 14th Sunday Ordinary Time

The Humility of God: Corpus Christi

The Image of the Three-Personed God: Trinity Sunday

Happy Birthday, Church! Pentecost 2014

Ascension 2014

Receiving the Spirit: 6th Sunday Easter

Serving Him in the Tangle: 5th Sunday Easter

Nothing I Shall Want: 4th Sunday Easter

Recognizing the Lord: 3rd Sunday Easter

New Saints! New Saints! 2nd Sunday Easter

Sort of the Only Thing That Matters: Easter 2014

Good Friday Portraits pt. 2: Out of Nowhere

If You Knew You Were Going to Die Tomorrow: Holy Thursday 2014

Heal My Sight: 4th Sunday Lent

Letting Trust Die: 1st Sunday of Lent

On the Highest Hill: 8th Sunday OT

If You Wish, You Can Keep the Commandments: 6th Sunday OT

Oh the Irony: 5th Sunday OT

Taking Sin Away: 2nd Sunday OT

Nunc Dimittis: Epiphany

Magnificat: Solemnity of Mary