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Sevenfold Grace: 28th Sunday OT

I knew a little girl who misunderstood ‘leper’ in church as ‘leopard.’ The Bible had lots of stories about leopards. I was kind of sad when the mistake was corrected; the Bible must have seemed a lot less interesting all of a sudden. If you’ve studied the Bible and heard sermons about it very often, you’ve probably heard plenty about what a bad deal it was to be a leper. You were totally outcast, an object of fear and loathing, and ritually unclean unless and until you got better. Which you usually didn’t.

Easy Answers and Mustard Seeds: 27th Sunday OT

We learn not to trust easy answers, don’t we? Or maybe it's built in, and we’re born that way. Even a small child, if she asks you a deep and difficult question, if you explain it away a little too easily - she'll give you that look that says “I’m not sure I’m buying this.”