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Pride and Humility: 30th Sunday OT

Of all the deadly sins, which is the principal? Of all the virtues, which is the queen? They are Pride and Humility. Pride is the first deadly sin, and the chief among them. Humility is called the queen of the virtues. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that being prideful is worse than murder? Does it mean that being humble is better than being a martyr? No. It means that at the root of every murder you’ll find pride. In the heart of every martyr you’ll find the seed of humility.

Happy 1st Birthday, Parish! 29OT

This is the Baptismal record of the Parish of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks. It is only one and a half pages long, for we are an infant parish in a way. In another way, of course, we are much older than that. But it’s been a good year for Baptisms, a good year for new life, a good year for beginnings.

Being the Grateful One: 28th Sunday OT

I remember when Carlos Beltran played for other teams and did this to us. I had to look up the details, but I remember the moments. The Astros in ’04, the Mets in ’06... the guy’s postseason performance, by the numbers, is just a shade better than Babe Ruth’s. Last night he bore the weight of a baseball-obsessed city on his shoulders like it was the most natural thing in the world, and wore a happy but easy smile in the post-game interview. He responded to the first question by thanking God for letting him be able to play baseball. He responded to the second question by saying he gave the glory to God. This is not the sort of thing interviewers are after, and it divides fans into those who nod in appreciation and those who find this sort of thing really, really annoying. I tend to react in two ways. The first is theological: do we really believe in a God who takes sides in the pennant race, or who rewards those who believe in Him with a better swing? The second in from an evangeli