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The Army at the Gates: 21st Sunday OT

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Love that Cares: 18th Sunday Ordinary Time

The Bible says a lot about how much God hates sin. I don’t think you can miss it. I think most every Catholic knows that God really hates sin. I’m not so sure that everyone understands why. I think sometimes people imagine God hating sin because He’s so incredibly angry at the thought of someone breaking His rules. Like “ I’m in charge and what I say goes and how dare you defy Me ?” But I don’t think that’s the best way to understand God’s hatred of sin. For a better understanding - and this is a bracing example, but that's why I chose it - imagine the father of a young man who has become addicted to heroin. He raised this boy with big dreams, and now he’s watching them all fade to black. He would’ve died to protect this child, but he can’t keep him from knocking on the dealer’s door. He worked and worried to provide for this boy, to raise him healthy and strong, and now he’s watching that healthy body wither, ravaged and sickly. How much does that father loathe heroin? What white-