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Burning: 3rd Sunday Lent

Pop quiz from last week: In the Transfiguration in Luke 9, when Jesus was seen talking with Moses and Elijah, do you remember what they were talking about? They were talking about Jesus’ [[[something]]] that He was going to accomplish in Jerusalem. The Greek word for that something can be translated different ways. Some English Bibles say ‘departure,’ others translate it ‘death.’ But the lectionary we hear at Mass does something wise: it simply leaves the Greek word there, untranslated: “And behold, two men were conversing with him, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.” (Luke 9:31) Exodus ... that’s some seriously heavy context with Moses standing right there! It means a heck of a lot more than ‘departure’ or ‘death.’  Today we follow up with a story from that rich context, the Book of Exodus, chapter three. Moses — born a Hebrew, saved from infanticide, and raised in the royal family — is now in exile after

The Reward of Trust: 2nd Sunday Lent

Here's one takeaway from the story of the Transfiguration: one time up on a mountain, the Apostles saw Jesus in His radiant glory. They saw how He fulfills the Law and the Prophets, bringing to completion all of God’s work of salvation from the very start. They saw everything snap into focus, and they got it, and their lives of following Jesus made total sense. At the time of the Transfiguration, they saw the clouds part and heard an actual literal voice from Heaven tell them they were on the right track, revealing the big picture with clarity… beautiful, complete, undoubtable clarity. Another takeaway is that most of the time, they didn’t. The other side of this extraordinary event is that it was, well... extraordinary. As in not typical, not the norm. The Transfiguration is beautiful but it’s so fleeting. Even in telling the story, Luke emphasizes the desire of Peter to hang on to that moment, to camp out in that moment, and it’s the same for us. We’d love to hold on to those