Christmas 2016

Sevenfold Grace: 28th Sunday OT

Easy Answers and Mustard Seeds: 27th Sunday OT

Going Wrong. (25OT 2016)

Something Beautiful: Canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta

Unassuming: 21st Sunday OT 2016

Finish Line: 20th Sunday OT 2016

Pointless: 18th Sunday OT 2016

Praying Right: 17OT 2016

The Father We Have: 12th Sunday OT 2016

The Sin of David and the Son of David: 11th Sunday OT 2016

Fresh Heart: 6th Sunday Easter 2016

Easter 2016

Holy Thursday 2016

Caught: 5th Sunday Lent 2016

The Road Watcher: 4th Sunday Lent, 2016